Enhance support system efficiency by organizing and managing entities effectively. Simplify entity management with KeyReply's tools.

First Steps with Entities

Discover how entities, keyword groups with shared meanings, impact user queries. Explore the first steps with entities in our knowledge base.

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Grouping Intents with Entities

Entities have the ability to become an umbrella item to contain certain keywords or phrases that are related to each other.

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Scenario Tutorial: Intent Grouping with Entities and Conditions

We’ve developed a simple scenario below to illustrate how entities can efficiently group several intents into a single intent.

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Discover a plethora of synonyms - alternative key terms users can utilize to convey identical meanings. Enhance your vocabulary effortlessly!

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Regular Expressions/ Patterns

Regular Expressions are basically a string of varying letters or numbers that maintain a constant pattern regardless of circumstance.

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Fallback Configuration with Entities

Learn how to set up fallback configuration with entities in your chatbot to ensure seamless interactions with users. Improve user experience today!

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