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KeyReply’s conversational AI and chatbot solutions help businesses automate customer support, streamline internal processes and accelerate digital transformation. We have helped enterprises in healthcare, insurance, education, retail and logistics sectors as well as government bodies in Singapore and Southeast Asia deploy chatbots for a variety of use cases. 

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Automatically Understand and Resolve Customer Issues

KeyReply identifies key insights from your customer conversations and automates your customer engagement and support using your own Facebook Messenger, web or app bot. Here's how.

Use Data to Power Real Results

Using unstructured conversations from past customer interactions like emails and support systems, our AI engine will identify the key issues, themes, and problems that your customers face. This will be used to scope the chatbot’s functions and replies.

100%data-driven bot
vs 40%gut guesses

Get Robust, Flexible Bot Solutions for Every Need. 

KeyReply has its own proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, dialog writing and text analytics systems to suit your business goals. It integrates seamlessly with your business and operational systems, to solve problems for you across functions. 

 Be Where Your Customers Are

KeyReply deploys your chatbot on a private cloud infrastructure, with your own hosting, servers, databases, tables and networking gears. You can then send your trained bot to respond to customers on Facebook, Slack, web, in-app or SMS, wherever your customers are. 


The KeyReply Difference

keyreply ai tech stack

Complete AI Tech Stack 

We possess full-service expertise and continuous R&D capabilities with business logic and orchestration layers, ML and NLP algorithms as well as computing hardware in the world’s fastest deep learning system 



keyreply tech partnership

Technology Partnerships 

 We have officially recognized partnerships with leading tech giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, IBM, Cisco and Zendesk among others, allowing us to integrate and deploy our chatbots wherever your customers are



chatbot experience

Extensive Experience 

We bring a breadth of experience deploying chatbots for enterprises in Singapore, Southeast Asia and worldwide, including multi-lingual deployments that also scale across departments and use cases 



We’re Partners with Leading Tech Giants 

keyreply messenger partner


Official Messenger Partner

KeyReply is a Facebook Messenger partner, one of only three Asian companies, and the only Singaporean company, at the official launch of the Messenger Developers Directory.


Official WhatsApp Business Partner

KeyReply is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Tap on the world's most popular messenger app to communicate with your internal and external users. 

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