Quick Reply

Discover efficient quick replies - pre-defined short responses offered by virtual assistants for seamless user interactions. Optimize your communication today!

How is it useful?

Quick replies are convenient for users as they would just need to select from the pre-defined responses, and would not need to type their responses. This would allow users to quickly get answers to their enquiries. 

Note: Quick Reply buttons disappear after a user clicks button

How do I add a Quick Reply button?

  1. To add a quick reply button, click on ‘+ Quick Reply’ below the card. There is a maximum of 10 quick replies for each content node. 
  2. Click on Quick Reply, and fill in the quick reply name in the text box. 
  3. Configure the quick reply button options.
  4. For full details on button options, refer to Options for Buttons.
  5. Click on the tick on the header bar to save the content node. 

Please view the video below to learn more about Quick Reply.

Validation Check:

  • Text cannot be empty
  • Button action and its respective data has to be provided:
  • Capture: key, value, and next content node to be indicated
    • Next: has to be a existing content node ID or custom event ID
    • goto: ‘data’ has to be an existing content node ID or custom event ID
    • startflow: flow id has to be indicated