How to Link Intents to Content Nodes

Learn how to effectively link intents to content nodes and optimize your AI-generated assistant's responses for enhanced performance.

Content Nodes are AI-generated assistant’s responses. They are the answer database the virtual assistant diligently uses to reply user questions with.


You have already configured the answers/content nodes in the Editor section of the dashboard.

How is this useful?

Now that we’ve taught the virtual assistant how to understand questions, the next step is to teach the virtual assistant the appropriate response to give. By adding content nodes (answers) directly into the intent (question), the virtual assistant is able to directly respond once it finds a matching intent to to the user’s question.

Steps to link Intents to Content Nodes

Within the FAQ dashboard, Click on the Intent you wish to add answers to.

  1. The Examples panel will open up on the right.
  2. Select the Preview Answer tab.
  3. Under Actions, click Jump to Content and type the relevant Content Node as the answer.
  4. A suggestion box will also pop up for you to select the Content Node.

For full details on how to set up a Content Node, refer to the Editor Section.