Duplicate Content

To duplicate a particular content node including cards, buttons, and any other flows that have been created in it.

How is this useful?

Duplicating a content node that can be very complicated is very time-consuming and tedious.  Allowing users to duplicate content nodes would save time and also prevents errors when recreating the flows.

How do I duplicate content?

  1. After a content node has been created, click on ‘+’, followed by ‘Duplicate content’ to duplicate a content node.
  2. When you duplicate a content node, the duplicated content node name will indicate that it is a copy.  For example, the original content node name is ‘feedback_ask_email’, the duplicated content node will be ‘feedback_ask_email_copy’. 
  3. Make any necessary changes to the duplicated content node. 
  4. Click on the tick on the header bar to save the duplicated content node.