Agent Status

Like any online chat platform, agents will need to change their statuses while handling incoming live chats.

How is this useful?

The Agent Status list is an overview table of how extensively the live chat service is being used, if queries are being answered, or if your live agents are swamped. can help you plan ahead for manpower needs better.

How does it work?

Agent Status

Red status – Agent is offline with unresolved sessions

Green status – Agent is online

Grey status – Agent is offline

Chats Status

Queued – Chats still waiting to be attended to

Attending – Chats already engaged by agents

Abandoned – Chats that agents have left but not resolved

 Steps to show agent status:

Navigate to the Live Chat dashboard.

  1. At the top left corner of the dashboard, you will see an Agents Online button.
  2. When clicked, it reveals the Agent Status tab: a real-time list of all the agents’ statuses, and the number of chats they are currently attending to.
  3. Within the same window, you can also switch to the Chat Status (Today) tab: the total outstanding chats for the day is displayed based on their respective statuses.