Docs Category: Queued Chats

Discover how to manage queued chats efficiently with KeyReply's knowledge base. Learn tips and best practices for handling customer inquiries.

First Steps with Queued Chats

Join a queue for expert assistance with queued chats. Get help from agents promptly. Your first steps to efficient support.

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Starting and Leaving a Live Chat

This section addresses how an agent can begin the live chat conversation, and how the agent can leave the chat before it is resolved.

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Tagging Live Chats

Live chats can be organized by adding tags to each conversation. This is helpful in particular while reviewing chat logs

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Invite another Agent

Empower your team collaboration with KeyReply's Invite Agent feature. Easily invite another agent to join live chats for seamless customer support.

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Escalate Chat to another Department

Empower your agents with the Escalate Chat feature to seamlessly involve different departments for enhanced user assistance.

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