Asia's Online Fashion Destination  

As Asia’s Number One Online Fashion Destination, Zalora continues to put their customers at the centre of it all by introducing a chatbot to help them navigate through the web of customer enquiries and commonly asked questions.


Answering Common Customer Care Queries

Online shoppers are relentless in their questions - what is the delivery timing? What does my delivery status mean? How can I make a change to my order? The Zalora chatbot helps answer these questions quickly using a well-designed menu to quench commonly asked queries.

Improving Business Processes With Detailed Analytics

Using KeyReply's custom analytics module, Zalora can now monitor business processes and detect when they go awry. This helps with identifying symptoms of business inefficiencies which allows for early rectification and cost savings.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Customers can now easily reach out to Zalora on an easily accessible communication channel without having to wait for replies from their customer care representatives. Instant answers, instant gratification.

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