Parkway Hospital

Giving heartfelt support to patients, families and friends

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Supporting Patients, Families and Friends, 24/7

Parkway Hospitals teamed up with KeyReply to develop the PAM (Parkway Assistance Manager) chatbot. Pam can answer everyone’s health-related queries, ranging from booking health screenings and doctor appointments to subscribing to health tips and articles!

Taking care of patients, families and friends, everywhere

Pam answers general enquiries regarding admissions, services, room rates, contact hours and many other details. More than that, she also directs customers to the right forms to make appointments for health screenings and specialists visits. Pam is there to make everyone’s life easier.

Keeping everyone in the pink of health with tips and articles

Users of the chat bot can access trustworthy healthcare and medical tips and articles by searching according to their symptoms or conditions.

Handing over to a human agent for further support

Pam also detects when a user is in distress, experiencing discomfort or confusion and will hand the user over to a human colleague who can take over and help them better.

Directing patients to specialists according to their symptoms and conditions

Users can search for a specialist by name, or by their symptoms and conditions. This helps to drive topline growth for the hospitals by directing patients to the relevant doctors.

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