Attracting Leaders of Tomorrow

To stand out from other other institutes of higher learning as the school of choice, Ngee Ann Polytechnic launched a 24/7 solution to help students get convenient access to course information and admissions.


Guiding Prospective Students Along Their Education Journey

The NP bot starts with a quiz for prospective students, which is a profiling tool that asks students questions regarding their interests, personality as well as career ambitions. Based on their answers, they are shown their likely interest areas and the bot then recommends suitable courses.

Helping Lost Students Find Their Way

The NP bot is able to hand hold users who are lost, and ‘take over’ the page navigation, to jump to the exact location in the webpage that the student wants to view. It eliminates the need for extra actions for the user to click on the url and then search themselves.

Answering Common Worries on Admissions

Students often worry about admissions deadlines and procedures - the NP bot takes care of these worries by providing the answers to these questions with a predictive auto-suggestion search function. 

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