In Insurance Institutions

AI chatbots manages mundane tasks so that you can focus on bigger things.



In the competitive insurance sector, how can your institution set itself apart from the rest? Leading insurance institutions in SEA have used our AI chatbots to improve its customer support efficiency.


 ✓ Customers are served 24/7  

High level of knowledge sharing

Sentiment analysis allowing for timely live agent hand-off




Customer Acquisition

Ask questions to profile your client. Provide personalized suggestions and help customers make the choice to commit to a plan with your financial institution. 


Verification, Answers and Status Updates

AI chatbot can dive into the knowledge base for identity verification and prompt information retrieval.

Automate Customer Requests

Understand customer needs and get started on request procedures.


Financial Advisers for Relationship Building

Building relationship is tough. Allow the bot to navigate in the sea of financial products so the FAs can answer queries efficiently, and focus on the human relationship building. Efficient FAs means higher credibility, reliability and trust for your financial institution.