How Automation Super Charges Insurance Services

AI chatbots manage mundane tasks so you can focus on bigger things.



Differentiate your offering and enhance your ability to deliver to your customers by using AI chatbots for insurance. Leading insurance institutions in SEA have used our insurance chatbots to improve customer support efficiency.

 ✓ Customers are served 24/7  

High level of knowledge sharing

Sentiment analysis allowing for timely live agent hand-off




Financial Advisers to Relationship Builders

Building relationships isn’t easy. Navigating between providing your customers with accurate financial advice while catering to each customer’s unique personal needs doesn’t have to be so difficult. Make it easier when you integrate a chatbot so Financial Advisors can answer queries efficiently and focus on relationship building. Efficient FAs means higher credibility, reliability and trust for your financial institution.


3 ways next-gen chatbots are streamlining data-intensive tasks

1. Customer Acquisition

Use data analytics for profiling customers to provide personalized suggestions, enabling them make educated financial decisions.

2. Verification and Status Updates

An AI chatbot can dive into the knowledge base for identity verification and prompt information retrieval. Paired with the power of real time updates you have more reach than ever before.

3. Automate Customer Requests

Understand customer needs and promptly begin handling the request. Demonstrate clear concerns for your customers demands with prompt responses.


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