The Human Resources Function


" The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. "
- Bill Gates


HR professionals need to be ethical and organized. They are effective communicators who are also equipped with problem solving skills.


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The Human Resource function can lead the human-digital integration conversation by using AI to automate lower dexterity tasks to free up more human capital to engage in more strategic activities to forward the organisation. 


Recruitment and Onboarding

Minimize paperwork by requesting important information from new hires on a conversational interface


Leave and Claims Applications

Automate the process of applying for leaves and claims and allow employees to check in on their application status whenever they want to.


Employee’s Personal Handbook on Company Policies

Serve as mobile HR assistants that help employees get answers to their FAQs immediately.

Surveys and Straw Polls

Use the AI chatbot to send out quick surveys and straw polls to employees to gather spontaneous feedback and opinions on new policies


Data Driven Feedback Loop

Analytics drawn from automating HR functions can be used to improve organisational learning and development, creating a data-driven feedback loop.


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