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Juniper Research found that healthcare organizations will have saved nearly $3.6 billion by 2022 by simply adopting AI chatbot technology.

As the demand for healthcare skyrockets, integrating a healthcare chatbot can help patients obtain the information they seek more easily.

By automating repetitive administrative tasks, they allow doctors, nurses and care teams to focus on providing patients with the care they need.

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How We Can Help Transform Healthcare


Answer FAQ from Patients

Automate responses to repetitive patient enquiries like finding nearest clinic, checking visit hours in hospital and more.

Symptom Checker Chatbot

Allow patients to understand their health conditions through a step-by-step diagnosis by entering their symptoms and suggest health articles and tips.

Medical Triaging of Patients

Help patients escalate their emergency cases and give hospital staff the ability to prioritize screening and triage treatment.

Patient Engagement Chatbot

Check in on patients’ health regularly post-treatment and send alerts and reminders on medications to keep them healthy. This lets your staff focus on more serious treatment in the hospital.

Doctor Appointment Booking

Enable patients to find doctors by their specialties, book appointments and reschedule on the go.

Patient Information Retrieval

Equip care teams with the ability to quickly retrieval of medical history, discharge summary, patient info and other health records and automatically admit patients in seconds.

Why KeyReply is the Best Healthcare Chatbot Developer


Experienced in Healthcare Chatbot Deployment

Our experience in deploying healthcare chabots give us an edge in understanding industry specific challenges, clinical protocols and differences in the “philosophy of care” across regions and hospitals.

Proprietary AI Engine

Our proprietary AI bot platform is fine tuned to provide you with customized linguistic capabilities, and security controls on your chatbot’s data, enabling migration and deployment to your private cloud.

Trained Industry Knowledge Bases

Our pre-trained industry knowledge bases when combined with your company data, chat logs and product info let the bot decode complex medical terminology and speak in the language of the healthcare industry.

How KeyReply Helped Parkway Hospital Achieve Better Patient Experience


Parkway Hospital wanted to explore how chatbot technology could help them automate their routine administrative and support tasks to free up resources for providing better care. KeyReply created and deployed PAM (Parkway Assistance Manager) to help them with:

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  • Supporting patients and families with health-related queries, health screenings and doctor appointments
  • Directing patients to specialists according to their symptoms and conditions
  • Access credible and trustworthy healthcare and medical tips by searching their symptoms
  • Detecting distressed users and handing them over to a human colleague to help serve them better 

Focus on Patient Care and Treatment


Empower your healthcare staff and care teams to do what they do best – provide care and treatment for patients. Let our chatbot automate their routine tasks, operations and communications. 

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