In Healthcare Sector

AI chatbots manages mundane tasks so that you can focus on bigger things.



The demand for healthcare is accelerated by the rapidly ageing population. How can your institution meet the rising need for healthcare services amidst the shortage of manpower? 


Patients receive support around the clock 

High level of knowledge sharing

Sentiment analysis allowing for timely live agent hand-off




Assist Patients & Families

We are naturally anxious when our loved ones require healthcare assistance. Provide timely answers for general inquiries so the staff may attend to more pressing matters.


Administrative Processes

While we cannot do away with administrative processes (for good reasons), we can automate some. Review hospital performance, verify claims and policies, and automate administrative duties.


Appointment Scheduling

Things crops up on our schedule when least expected. Accommodate to your patients' needs and allow them to make, cancel and reschedule appointments at their fingertips.

Instant Communication

Facilitate instant communication between patients, nurse, doctors between care teams because every moment counts.