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How AIA Takes Control Of The Customer Journey Across Multiple Departments

How AIA Takes Control Of The Customer Journey Across Multiple Departments

AlA Singapore is one of the leading insurers in Singapore, and is known for its wide range of products, commitment to innovation and focus on customer-centricity. AlA Singapore constantly strives to provide customers with the best service experiences and to support them through their life journey to enable them to live healthier, live longer and live better.

The Challenges

MAIA, the virtual assistant, managed popular transactions and large FAQs from different data sources across legacy backend systems

With ever increasing demand for excellence in service for both the customers and the insurance representatives, AlA Singapore had to innovate to cater for that, optimise costs and yet plan for increases in business volumes at the same time.

Customers are also getting more digitally savvy and are more open towards using digital and self-help channels. It is important to engage them and differentiate from the other insurers for being able to engage this group with technology.

Due to Covid, the physical servicing counters also shut down for the very first time in history, which gave rise to more demand for services to be delivered digitally in a nimble manner. Backend legacy insurance systems were also not easy to work with, and employees often have to cross check different data sources as the data may not be synced real time.

The Solution

The virtual assistant, MAIA, is deployed across various digital assets and communication channels to provide services for agent servicing, policy holder servicing, live chat, and supporting the other stakeholders. It started with just three departments, and grew to over 20.

It is designed to be very versatile, and will be able to provide different answers to users based on their profile, even it different users ask the same questions. Besides a large library of FAQ, MAIA also assists users with popular transactions that are linked directly to the backend system.

WhatsApp is also utilized to better activate the partnership ecosystem to grow the business. It also allows the company to provide higher level of service to top agents to help them be more productive.


Key Impact

MAIA, the virtual assistant, exceeded 100% of the usage goals set. The team members involved in the project were also trained and equipped with skills to manage the Al system independently. The capabilities continue to be expanded with transactions and self-service facilities being launched continuously across various touchpoints.

We wanted to plan for scalability for a company-wide, multi-domain virtual assistant to serve many different customers and stakeholders. At the same time, we also wanted our team to be trained in Al to be future-ready. We decided to work with KeyReply as their platform is very comprehensive and scalable. As we grew from 3 department's content till close to 20 today, KeyReply displayed that they were able to work effectively with the various business users across the company. KeyReply is definitely a great growth partner for long term success.

Chia Kim Geok, Policy Servicing

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