Be where your customers are, on their favourite messaging app. WhatsApp Messenger has a reach of over 1.5 billion people across 180 countries. This makes it a growing and popular choice as a customer support channel.

How WhatsApp Business API helps you connect with your customers

Notification Alerts

Send outbound messages such as booking confirmation, order receipts, delivery status, appointment reminders etc.

Customer Service

Follow up with your customers after they get in touch with you. No charges within 24 hours.


What's the difference?


WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business API

Business profile

2-way conversation

Automate messages (AI/NLP)

Integration with software stack
(CRM, analytics etc.)

Bulk messaging 

Individual conversations / manual canned messages only

High volume, automated, personalised messages

Limit on agent and devices One number to single-agent, on a single device

One number to multi-agents, unlimited devices

Suitable for Small-medium sized businesses

Enterprise businesses



1. Elevate Customer Experience:

Gain in-depth understanding of your customer with profile and preference analytics. This in turn helps you build amazing customer experiences. Great experience = Happy customers.

2. Free Agents From Restrictive WhatsApp Access:

With WhatsApp Business API, multiple agents are no longer restricted to using a single device to manage the channel . Agents can have access and work on an integrated platform to handle queries simultaneously via live chat. All hands on deck = Greater productivity

3. Power Up With AI Chatbot

Add an AI chatbot to support the team to achieve more! AI chatbots can assist with the bulk of enquires, freeing up your customer support team to attend to the queries that really matter.


A Practical Solution For Any Use Case / Business Type


Internal Processes


Handle HR processes

Employee inquiries

Data & form collection


Payroll updates



E-Commerce & Logistics

Customer Care

Employee inquiries

Customer resolution

Customer conversations


Purchase confirmation

Delivery status update




Customer Care

Policy holder inquiries

Agent inquiries

Customer conversations


Account updates

Security alerts


As a global Facebook business solution provider, KeyReply can help you leverage the power of chat automation to deliver real time communication with customers. Talk to us and let us help onboard your organisation so you can scale your business. Request a WhatsApp Business demo today. 


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