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In a 2016 Facebook study, 53% of the respondents said they are more likely to buy from a company which provides customer service via chat on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger than one that does not.

With a massive reach of 2 billion people across 180 countries, WhatsApp Messenger is an ideal choice for a customer support channel.

We can help you reach your customers and engage them on their favourite messaging app with the WhatsApp Business API.

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How Our WhatsApp Business API Can Help


KeyReply’s WhatsApp Business API helps your agents be more productive, provide quality customer support and ensure a positive customer experience. 

All of which results in incredible customer engagement that leads to repeat business and great reviews. 

As a global Facebook business solution provider, KeyReply can help you leverage the power of chat automation to deliver real-time communication with customers. Talk to us and let us help onboard your organisation so you can scale your business. Request a WhatsApp Business demo today. 

Boost customer engagement and satisfaction with automated messages using AI/NLP

Easily send automated notifications alerts such as booking confirmations, order receipts, delivery status, appointment reminders, and more

Improve customer service by automatically following up with customers after they get in touch with you

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customers with profile and preference analytics to build amazing customer experiences.

Drive revenue and savings by freeing up your agents’ time. Our WhatsApp Business API lets multiple agents manage the channel from an integrated platform, allowing them to handle queries simultaneously via live chat.

Power up your company with an AI Chatbot. Free up your customer support team to attend to high priority queries by letting the AI chatbot assist with the bulk of enquires.

Feature Comparison – WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp Business API



WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business API

Business profile
2-way conversations
Message automation empowered by artificial intelligence (AI/NLP)
Integration with software stack
(CRM, analytics etc.)
Bulk messaging to expand your reach and efficiency

Individual conversations / manual canned messages only

High volume, automated, personalized messages

Limit on agent and devices One number to single-agent, on a single device

One number to multi-agents, unlimited devices

Suitable for Small-medium sized businesses

Enterprise businesses

Drive Customer Engagement with Conversational AI


Interact with exponentially more customers without hiring more staff, and integrate with your CRM and analytics software stack.

An Intelligent Chatbot Solution for Any Industry or Use Case
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E-Commerce & Logistics

For customer support

  • Employee inquiries
  • Customer resolution
  • Customer conversations

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Internal Processes

For employees

  • Handle HR processes
  • Employee inquiries
  • Data & form collection

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For customer service

  • Policy holder inquiries
  • Agent inquiries
  • Customer conversations

Deliver Superior Customer Experiences


Responding quickly to your customers is vital for ensuring a positive customer experience. 

According to a CMO Council study, 75 percent of survey respondents cited “fast response times” as the most important attribute of the customer experience. An ongoing survey by Salesforce following the COVID-19 pandemic also reveals speed to be the second most important quality of customer service and support after expertise. 

When customers feel that you share their own sense of urgency it creates a bond between them and your business. 

With our WhatsApp Business API, you can create internal and external notifications to keep all interested parties aware of items such as: 

  • Payroll Updates
  • Purchase Information
  • Delivery Status
  • Reservation & Appointment updates
  • Account Updates
  • Security Alerts
  • Payment Requests
  • Billing Updates
  • Ticket and Travel updates

WhatsApp Business difference


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Keep Your Customers Coming Back

When you engage effectively with your customers, your company will remain on top of their mind, encouraging them to become repeat customers and suggest your services to others. Our WhatsApp Business API helps you easily send bulk or personalized messages to make every customer’s experience unique.

Collect and Utilize Data to Improve Your Offering

The Whatsapp Business API helps you collect data on customer concerns and requests, enabling you to see where you can improve.. Since 80% of your customer service issues come from 20% of the causes, you will have the data to identify those causes and solve problems more efficiently.. Request a demo and read more about the KeyReply difference today

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