WhatsApp Business Solution *NEW!*

no reflection

KeyReply is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

WhatsApp Messenger has a reach of over 1.5 billion people across 180 countries

As an official business solution provider, we combine our existing ChatBot expertise with the newly available deployment channel. Our knowledge with WhatsApp enable us to deploy chats efficiently for your business.

Be one of the first companies to tap on WhatsApp marketing. Talk to us and find out how AI chatbot works for your business in your existing communication channels.

KeyReply deploys on

Facebook Messenger websites native mobile applications other channels

How WhatsApp Business Solutions can improve your business:


Internal Processes


  • Handle HR processes
  • Employees Inquiries
  • Forms and data collection


  • Payroll updates



Customer Care

  • Policy holder inquiries
  • Agent inquiries
  • Customer resolution
  • Customer conversations


  • Account updates
  • Security alerts


E-Commerce & Logistics

Customer Care

  • Employee inquiries
  • Customer resolution
  • Customer conversations


  • Purchase confirmation
  • Delivery status update
  • Push marketing and promotional messages