Bringing the government closer to citizens

The bot helps citizens and visitors alike get faster access to accurate and up-to-date information. Users can search for answers, government directory entries, events, news, and more, making it the most comprehensive experience bot experience in Singapore today.


Answering questions anytime, anywhere

Singapore citizens and visitors alike can now easily find answers to questions and search for the right person to talk to, right within Messenger. With knowledge gleaned across all government agencies, it is a true one-stop solution for users.

Staying open and relevant to citizens

Whenever citizens have something they need help with, or something they believe should be reported, they can simply pull out their phones to provide feedback using chat, which is then routed to the right department.

Updating the country on what's happening in Singapore

Citizens and visitors can stay informed of news and updates that are relevant to them. Over time, the bot will learn the issues that they are most inclined towards, and tailor the news to their interests.

Helping citizens find their representatives

It's also easy to find the right ministry, organization, officer or service that a citizen needs, by simply looking for them instead of having to navigate websites or going through various different windows.

Engaging users with an easy-to-use interface

The bot is also expertly optimized for a great user experience, with news and video content shown natively. Dialog and tone are friendly, intuitive and localized, engaging citizens of all ages and walks of life.

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