Exceeding Customer Expectations

As a logistic company that prides itself on precision and bullet-speed deliveries, Billy, the Roadbull bot answers to customer change requests with speeds and accuracies that exceeds customers’ expectations, because they are processed immediately!


Assuring Customers with Real-time Updates

Using APIs, Billy is able to retrieve the status of a order at any point in time with no lag time to update the customer, providing them with a peace of mind.

Automating and Speeding Up Processes

Customer requests that came in day in day out were repetitive in nature; with Billy, Roadbull is able to automate these workflows and significantly reduce the workload of the customer support team.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Billy is able to take these requests and process the changes immediately, increasing customer service levels and subsequently customer satisfaction. Billy is also able to handle multiple customer requests simultaneously, allowing more customers to be served.

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