In Logistics Sector

AI chatbots manages mundane tasks so that you can focus on bigger things.


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Globalised economy and the rise of e-commerce drove demand for logistic services higher. Are you working with enterprise solution providers who can help you to adopt and implement scalable AI solutions?


24/7 customer support managing queries and request (track parcel and reschedule delivery)

Push timely status updates

Sentiment analysis allowing for timely live agent hand-off 





Quick Response

Response time improvement leads to increased conversion by 21 to 100 times!  Answering customer queries helps to accelerate their search process and shortens the sales cycle.


Status Updates

Provide real time response of delivery status to the customer providing a peace of mind and satisfaction.


Product Suggestions

Aggregate customer feedback to generate actionable insights for product changes.

Faster Resolution

Handle customer complaints and channel them to the respective customer care agents for fastest resolution time. Automate and manage requests quickly with step-by-step guide.