In E-commerce Sector

AI chatbots, with automated customer service and customized product recommendations will revolutionise the customer shopping experience.



With online shopping available on so many sites, customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing. After spending substantial efforts to draw the customer in, how do you engage and maintain their interest? AI chatbots can help you gain new customers and increase repeat business by handling customer queries instantaneously. The future of E-Commerce customer management is here.


How can AI supercharge your business?

24/7 customer support managing queries and request

✓ Change order details instantly

Up-sell and cross-sell to increase sales results

Showcase product catalogs and spark interest

Sentiment analysis allows for timely live agent hand-off




Faster Response = Better Service

Responding to your customers faster leads to increased conversion rates by 21 to 100 times! Answering customer queries helps to accelerate their search process and shortens the sales cycle.


Lead Generation & Personalization

KeyReply’s AI chatbot solutions can ask customers different questions and generate leads. This also makes personalized marketing possible.


Product Suggestions & Upgrades

Aggregate customer feedback to generate actionable insights for product updates.

Handle Problems at the Speed of AI

Handle customer complaints and channel them to the respective customer care agents, drastically reducing resolution times. Automate and manage requests quickly with knowledgebase integration.


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