Telling the Goldheart brand story

To help users understand the value of the Goldheart brand and products, the bot tells the special stories of Goldheart's Celestial and Arctica Ice diamonds. It brings the user through an engaging narrative, complete with images and educational tips.

Taking users through an experience

Beyond enjoying the story, the user gets to make choices throughout the bot experience, such as taking quizzes about their personality to choose the perfect ring for themselves or their significant other.

Helping users remember important dates

Going beyond the proposal and wedding phase, the bot also enables users to set important dates to them, such as birthdays and anniversaries. The bot will then remind them at intervals before those dates, and provide gift suggestions.

Giving users jewellery tips

For users who have questions about understading jewelry terms, or how to take care of their newly-acquired jewelry, the bot also gives tips and tricks curated by its human counterparts.

Helping users with questions

For customers who have questions about the price or availability of certain jewelry pieces, the bot will detect this and seamlessly hand over to a human, who will be able to assist better.

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