The Customer Service Function


" Get closer than ever to your customers "
- Steve Jobs


Being accessible, knowledgeable, courteous are key traits of a customer service representative. Customer service representatives also have to have great listening skills, and conflict resolution skills. 


kr-customer service-01

Every business requires great customer service to ensure that the customers are taken care of. We don't need to belabor the points on the benefits of customer service. Let's jump straight to how our Virtual Assistants aka Chatbots can complement your existing customer service efforts.


Available 24/7

Provide responses anytime, even after office hours.

Multi-Channel Support

Consolidate queries from different channels your business is on.

Multi-Lingual Support

Understand your diverse clientele in their native languages.

Handle general queries

Provide quick answers from the knowledge base.

Sentiment analysis

Escalate tricky clients to live agents.


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