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Why join KeyReply?

  • We solve difficult problems that are very meaningful. Healthcare organizations around the world are now planning for what post-covid-19 will look like. What does a smart hospital look like? What changes should they make for Healthcare 2.0?
  • By being more nimble in the way of delivering care – in person or remote; moving from reactive to proactive and preventive care; empowering patients to make informed first-level decisions on their next course of actions; and more efficient resource allocation, we can positively impact the lives of millions in very tangible ways.
  • We are proud to work with some of the largest and most well-respected healthcare institutions. Your work will be used prominently by millions to improve the future of patient engagement.
  • Lead the innovation in Healthcare and Insurance by joining KeyReply today.





Key Responsibilities


  • Drive sales meetings and close customers. 
  • Prospect, educate, qualify and develop leads to create sales-ready opportunities. 
  • Consistently surpass qualified opportunity quotas to ensure revenue objectives. 
  • Enable channel partners regionally to close deals.
  • Become a trusted and credible resource, developing superior relationships and supporting clients through their lifetime as clients. 
  • Provide product feedback based on sales conversations to shape product decisions and direction. 
  • Speak at events to pitch and make connections with new prospects and partners.

Skills & Experience required

  • At least 5 years’ experience working as sales or business development
  • Proven experience in b2b enterprise sales and he/she has sold either AI software in NLP OR
    healthcare/medical software to hospitals and large institutions (not clinics) OR insurance software (b2b)
  • Proven closed deals before in this space in South East Asia or globally is a must
  • Networking expert, communicates superbly and enthusiastically. 
  • Over-achiever who not only completes assigned tasks, but makes your own tasks based on your own judgments, and thrives in a fast-paced work environment. 
  • Proven critical thinker and team-player who can make independent decisions and proactively helps others across other functions. 
  • Detail-oriented, passionate about artificial intelligence, data and automation; you must enjoy learning difficult technicalities about AI in order for you to do your job confidently and effectively. 
  • Familiarity with bots, messaging products, automation, software and digital marketing. 
  • Experience with sales growth tools and techniques. 
  • Previous SaaS start-up experience will be an advantage


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